UI/UX Podcast

I almost never have time to sit down in a quiet room and read design books or blogs and find out what’s new in the UX/UI industry or what patterns famous designer have used. So, I’ve found podcasts the best way to keep myself update.


  1. UI Breakfast: UI/UX design and product strategy - With more than a hundred episodes, UI/UX consultant from Russia, Jane Portman talks with people with different backgrounds, including designers, writers, engineers, founders, co-founders.
  2. Google Design Podcast - Have you ever wonder how designers in Google work on daily basis. Get inspired and learn more about the design process. Designers from different departments talk about style guides, technology and how to build great products.
  3. The hacking UI Podcast - Amazing podcast hosted by David Tintner & Sagi Shrieber, a designer and developer. Leaders from Adobe, Airbnb, Google, Facebook and other companies discuss topics such as user experience design, usability, user research, development.

I hope these three podcast will help you about UX & UI.

Thank you 😊